We have made the process of selling your house fast and incredibly simple. It is completed in just three simple and easy to follow steps:


Contact Red Rose Estates now to get started and we will arrange a free valuation of your home usually within 24 hours. Our valuation is absolutely free and we offer a no-obligation offer.


We will carry out the valuation of your home and discuss all the possibilities and options available to you to help us provide you with the best possible solution suited to your needs. We will also carry out a free home report on your property to assist us with our research and to also help us provide you with the best possible offer. This will entail taking property details, i.e., measurements, pictures etc.


After carrying out an accurate valuation and disusing your needs, we will then make you a guaranteed offer usually within 24 hours. (Usually between 75-90% of the market value). There's no obligation, but if you decide to proceed we can move immediately and our team will assist you in each step of the way.

At Red Rose Estates we like to ensure that both parties have the understanding that a mutual agreement has been reached and that you as the seller are serious and confident about proceeding with a quick sale. That is why we take great care in ensuring that all your needs and requirements are our main priority as from experience; understand that no two cases are exactly the same. Remembering that you are under no obligation to proceed once an offer has been made. All we ask of you is that you are committed once you decided to accept our offer.

There are no hidden costs with Red Rose Estates as we do not want you to endure any stress or hassle. We wish to make the whole transaction for you as smooth as possible. So therefore all costs are taken care of, valuation, legal fees (up to five hundred pounds, payable upon completion of the sale of your property) which results in you never having to endure those unwanted bills. All we ask from you is that you appoint and instruct a solicitor of your own choice, or maybe you would like us to instruct one for you. In this case we can recommend an efficient solicitor who will be able to work to very tight and specific timescales.

We would like you to understand that we work to your timescales and not ours. As a quick completion or exchange is not the best possible solution for everyone. By discussing your needs and concerns with our team members we can find the best possible solution to meet your needs and aim towards your chosen timescale. As Red Rose Estates we pride ourselves in having an honest and upfront approach from the beginning while also allowing you to become financially free. Red Rose Estates believe that offering an excellent level of service will ensure that satisfied customers will be happy to recommend us to family and friends.

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