At Red Rose Estates we have come to recognise that all of our clients come to us with different requirements and circumstances and that a quick sale is not always the best solution as there may be other factors involved such as work, children & schools or family commitments. No two situations are ever the same and it is important that we at Red Rose Estates take the time and the care to listen to your situation, to understand your needs and find the best possible solution for you. That is why we will cater to your needs and provide each of our clients with a tailor made solution specifically for them.

There are three straightforward options available to you:

Sell your house to Red Rose Estates and walk away:

This is suited to people who have had enough and want to sell up and walk away with the equity they have built up in their property or they wish to emigrate or move to a different location.

Sell your house to Red Rose Estates and rent it back:
We specialise in buying properties from clients who wish to remain in their home. This scheme enables our clients to sell their property to Red Rose Estates and at the same time release equity in the property for whatever purpose they require it for, whether it’s to raise capital to clear debts or just to simply release equity from the home they have lived in and invested precious time and money into. Either we can arrange for you to stay in your home as tenants for as long as you wish.

Sell your house to Red Rose Estates and buy it back later:
This option involves us buying the property and drawing up a contractual agreement where you are allowed to buy it back, (below market value) at a later date when your situation improves. Both the rent and buy-back are particularly useful if you intend to stay in the area but need to pay off debts or raise capital to stop repossession.



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