In an ideal world people sell their homes through estate agents for a great price in the shortest amount of time, with the lowest fees incurred as possible. However, this is not an ideal world and estate agent asking prices are nearly always 10% higher than the true market value and can generally take 4 to 9 months to complete. Along the way there are the ‘carpet treaders’ who waste your valuable time and in most cases only 30% of agreements in principle that fail to complete.

These main reasons are why many people are using our services to complete on their property without having to be subjected to the stress and hassle associated with the traditional route and also without having to endure those estate agents, legal or surveyor's fees. If you add this to potential buyers who knock your price down along with the extra mortgage payments whilst you are waiting for completion then we are now in the same price range.

Many different people from many different walks of life are using our services with all different intentions and motivations to complete a sale quickly. Repossessions: The threat of losing your home and all your equity you have built up can be very distressing and is for most people. The worry about being evicted onto the street with your children can be a stressful time. We are able to intervene and often halt and in some cases, stop the proceedings and produce one of our specific, tailor made solutions to your problem.

Financial Difficulties: Often there are other financial pressures that our service can remove. Many of us have second charges on our homes such has, unsecured loans, overdrafts, credit card bills, hire purchase, leasing and other forms of borrowings. By selling your home to us quickly and either moving on or remaining in your home allows these financial pressures to be removed very quickly and to avoid those high interest charges.

Releasing Cash: Perhaps you are in a position of equity rich but financially poor? You may not be in a position to re-mortgage or release the equity due to the high cost of re-mortgaging or equity release schemes whilst acquiring the stress of those higher mortgages and even the possibility of losing ownership of your home due to home reversion. By selling to Red Rose Estates, you can release cash for whatever purpose you require. After all it is your money and your choice. You may have a business opportunity or want to invest in other properties, the possibilities are endless. Remember you can still stay in your home with our rent back option.

Broken Chain: Have you ever been in a position where you have sold your property and found your ideal home. As the exchange of contracts date slowly approaches and you have all the removal men etc arranged but then the phone rings and your informed chain has broken collapsed. It may not even be your purchaser it may be 6 properties down the chain. Trust me, you will feel totally helpless and that an expensive lesson has been learnt. So why not sell to us and break your reliance on that chain. The service is practically guaranteed as there are no other parties involved and we always commit to a purchase regardless of any arising problems.

Want to become a Tenant: During these stressful times many clients are fed up of the pressure of owning property. They want their money and the simple life of becoming a tenant. No more dealing with surveyors, solicitors, mortgage lenders, estate agents etc: Just a professional landlord who has the best interests of the tenant and the property in mind.

Sickness/Unemployment: Ill health and unemployment is something no one can ever plan for and the added stress of being unable to work yet whilst also having to maintain financial commitments can make matters even worse. Contact Red Rose Estates and we can help put your mind at rest.

Relocation: You have suddenly found out that your job has taken you to another part of the country and you cannot get another house until this one has been sold. Complete the form and get the process going and all will fall into place. No bridging loans, no second property and no 6 months waiting paying mortgage payments and rent somewhere else.

Matrimonial: At Red Rose Estates we have a clear, open and honest approach to all your individual circumstances and especially helpful when the property sale is the result of a divorce or separation. This is a very delicate and stressful area of our business where two people have come together and shared their life. But with our wealth of experience and our friendly approach can help you ease some of the heartache by supporting you through the sale process and helping you both to start your new lives without the length of time, stress and hassle associated with selling your house through an estate agent.

We can also offer the option of sell and rent back to one of the involved parties if required.

Bereavement: A troubled time when one loses someone special and the last thing that needs to be on someone's mind is being stuck with a property to sell or a debt to settle. By calling Red Rose Estates, we can handle your case with sensitivity and consideration.

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