Selling through an estate agent can be a pleasant experience but what they cannot offer is a guaranteed cash offer within 24 hours, an exchange within days with rent-back and buy-back options.

The idea of strangers coming and going and having to present your house in the best possible light each time before a viewing is a nightmare and very stressful times for some people. We buy directly from you this then eliminates strangers viewing your property and remember we buy in any condition. You can feel assured with Red Rose Estates that we will be discreet throughout the whole process.

Normal selling process, through an estate agent:

• Sign up to an estate agents

• HIPs pack required

• Start to get public viewing

• Wait for offers to come in (weeks or even months)

• Start receiving offers

• Considerations to be taken into account (In a chain)

• Book survey

• Problems in survey, offer is reduced

• Hope that the buyer exchanges

• Buyer pulls out

• Start all over again, loose the property your buying

• Pay estate agents fees once the property is sold (2-3%) and solicitor’s fees


Selling process with Red Rose Estates

How we compare to traditional estate agencies:

  Estate Agent Sale Red Rose Estates
Fast? Seven months on average As little as seven days
Certain? Buyers often drop out We don't pull out
Repossession help? Estate agents do not offer help handling your mortgage lender We will help you take control of the situation with your lender, and provide (free) legal assistance if needed
Sell and rent back? Estate agents expect the property to be empty on sale We can buy your home and rent it back to you
Buy back option? Estate agents cannot provide this facility If you sell to us and rent back you can retain the right to buy back
Flexible move out? No You move out when you want to

Pricing example:

Following a traditional route by selling through an estate agent, the costs you may incur have been highlighted below. The end figure shows the true value of what your house is worth.

  £180,000 Appraised market value by an Estate Agent
  -£12,600 Typical offers are usually 7% below asking price
  -£3,172 Estate Agent fees approximately 1.5 % plus vat
  -£1,000 Approx solicitor's costs
  -£9,800 Interest repayment costs over 6 months at 5%
(average time taken to sell a house)
  -£10,000 Discount you can secure on your next property by being a cash buyer
Total: Total amount £143,428 Total real value of your home when you sell it.

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